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Using Your Email Address
To reset your password using your email address, follow the steps below.
Step-1 Go to
Step-2 Click Sign In My Account.
Step-3 Next to the Forgot User ID link, click Password?
Step-4 Enter your primary User ID.
Step-5 Click Next.
Step-6 From the Reset My Password window, click Send Verification Email.

Step-1 Click on the following link: And log in with your TELUS UserName and password.
Step-2 Towards the bottom of the page, you will see the heading 'Your products'. Beside the section 'TELUS High Speed', click on 'View details / modify'.
Step-3 Next to the section 'E-mail boxes', click on 'Add new mailbox'.
Step-4 In the 'Select username and password', please enter the desired information. Once you have finished, click on 'Next >'.
Step-5 You will now see the 'Terms and conditions' page. Near the bottom, there will be text box containing the e-mail 'terms of use'. You will HAVE to scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions text box in order to be able to continue. Once you have done that, you will be able to check the box 'I agree to these terms and conditions'.
Step-6 Hit 'Order now' and you should now be directed to a page that gives you an order reference number.
You can now exit that page. Up to 10 Telus emails accounts can be created per Account , depending on what you subscribe to.

Here are the steps to sign up for Bellsouth email account:
Step-1 Search for AT&T website on your browser or go to Bellsouth email setting. Click on ‘Sign Up’ here.
Step-2 Select your email and password
Step-3 Enter your personal information and answer some security questions, click on’ Continue’ button.
Step-4 Now you have successfully created your ID on Bellsouth email.
Step-5 Complete your registration by following the instructions.
Step-6 After completing registration, you can sign in to your Bellsouth email account.
Step-7 If you have some problem during this process you can go to Bellsouth customer service.